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About Erin
Education: Massasoit Community College, Associate Degree
Bridgewater State College, Bachelor’s Degree
Teacher Certification English Secondary Education
My favorite things: Reading, playing soccer, spending time on our boat with my husband and our two kids.
Something not everyone knows about me: I got mostly D’s and F’s in high school.

My Why:
In high school, I was of the opinion that when the school day ended so too did my obligation to do any more schoolwork.  Lucky for me, I paid attention in class and could usually grasp what was being taught with minimal effort.  So, good test grades with horrible assignment grades earned me just enough credits to pass my classes and graduate!

So, what now?  According to my parents what now was a full time job or college.  I enrolled in community college (I believe everyone got in that year!) and started that Fall.  I found college to be less demanding of my time than high school, all tests and papers and very little nightly homework. 

At the same time, I was working at an After-School Program for the YMCA and coaching soccer for my city’s recreation program.  After 2 years, I transferred to a 4 year school and had to pick a major.  I thought: I enjoy working with kids.  I love reading and writing. I understand how much and why most kids dislike school.  What do I do with that?

I became a high school English teacher.  I loved it.  My first teaching job was at The Landmark School, a school for language based learning disabilities.  I loved the students and all of the new teaching strategies I learned. When I began teaching in public schools, I found myself gravitating toward the students that needed a little something extra.  I used my training from Landmark and my understanding of the frustrations these students felt to help them succeed.

I left teaching to stay home with my children.  When it was time to go back to work, I was lucky to meet Katie.  We found that my background aligned with the types of students she worked with.  I now help students with study skills, test preparation, and writing skills, and I love it!
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