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JULY Q & A: ADHD and College Prep

College Prep: 

Choose the Study Environment That Works for You


Find your learning space

Consider all the places on and around your campus and ask yourself, where will I be most successful with minimizing distractions and maximizing my time? You may need to check out a few places before you find one (or more) that are going to work for you. Be very honest with yourself about where you’ll be able to work best. This is a key factor in keeping you in school!

  • The library?

    • Hmmm… Does it have hours that work with your schedule?

    • Is it too creepy-quiet or just the right amount of noise?

    • Do the printers work? 

  • Your room?

    • Do you have a roommate? Are they around a lot? Do they study?!

    • Are people stopping by throughout the day/night? 

    • Do you have a desk? Is it clutter-free?

    • Where’s the printer?!

  • A nearby cafe?

    • Is it close enough for you to get to easily? 

    • Is it just the right amount of quiet versus loud? 

    • Are there distractions that you can’t ignore? 

    • AH! There’s no printer!


  • Student commons?

    • Do other students use the commons for studying? 

    • Are there study groups that you could be a part of? 

    • What are the distractions like? 

  • Any other secret spots around campus?

    • Ask yourself similar questions to those above to see if one of these secret spots would be a good fit.

AUGUST Q & A: 504 Accommodations

504 Plans:

Not Your Cookie Cutter Accommodations


Instead of a quiet space, try:

- using head phones or ear buds

- allowing for moving or standing while working.

Instead of preferential seating, try: - Defining what that means for each student. For example, let's say the student has a hard time understanding directions when there's background noise. Would it be better to put her desk close to the teacher, but next to the ventilation fan?

Instead of reminders to stay on task, try: - a tap on the shoulder to re-focus

- a positive reinforcer each time the student is observed on task


Instead of setting a timer, try:

- showing a quality work example of the finished product.

Instead of breaking big projects into smaller chunks, try: - Having the class do that together as part of the lesson.


Instead of helping them clean out their bag, try:

- showing a picture of what the clean bag looks like inside and ask them to match it.


Instead of avoiding uncomfortable situations, try:

- purposely doing at least one thing a day that makes you uncomfortable


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