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4-days, Monday - Thursday 

90-minutes per session

How often do you hear your student say things like this when they discover they did poorly on a quiz or test: 
- I read through my notes like 10 times!
- It wasn't just me, no one did well.
- It's fine. I can just do a re-take. 
- What?! I did a Quizlet!
Or when they get a paper back with a not so hot grade:
- She said it was disorganized.
- He said I didn't argue my thesis.
- It was way too short but I couldn't think of anything else to add!
- I ran out of time to cite my sources.

We've got you covered!

BEFORE THE COURSE: Prior to the start of the course, we'll meet for about an hour to have an evaluation of sorts. During our time on this day, we'll find out what your student likes and dislikes so that we can design lessons that will maximize interest and encourage engagement. Essentially, we're getting some "buy in" here. Also during this time, we'll take a skills inventory in order to learn what skills your student is lagging in versus what skills your student is excelling in. This way, we can ensure a balance of hard/easier work that will keep your student's motivations high.


​DURING THE COURSE: Your student will work on their areas of need while focusing on their interests.


AFTER THE COURSE: When the course is complete, your student will be ready apply their new skills to all the boring stuff that school might send their way!

COST: 1 payment of $600.00 or 2 payments of $300.00/each

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