Study Skills for Success: 

One-on-one or small group instruction targeting the "soft skills" of learning

How are we different?

- Qualified: Our study skills coach is a highly qualified high school English teacher!

- Experienced: We have extensive background in Landmark College's techniques for language-based learning. These include: 2-column notetaking, question/answer relationship, sequencing strategies, sentence/paragraph structure, and more.

- Functional: We always remove arbitrary busy-work and use your child's actual coursework to address skills. 

What will your child learn?

- What active versus passive studying means. Hint: Active studying works. Passive studying doesn't!

- How to take comprehensive notes that your child will be able to access and understand later.

- What to highlight (or NOT) when reading a variety of text.

- How to annotate efficiently while still reading for understanding and enjoyment.

- How to prepare for tests and quizzes, including how to develop study guides to work for your child's brain.

- How to think critically and infer meaning.

- How to summarize and put information into words that your child will be able to retain.

- How to follow the steps in the writing process, including how to write a paper worth turning in!